We are a learning comunity formed by teachers from different backgrounds and specialised in different areas. We share a common vision and work together in order to achieve a common academic goal; the revolution in the education paradigm. 


Role Learning was born after the shared reflection of five education professionals who have been lucky to have the opportunity of meeting at the same time and at the same place. That connections also connected our lives. We have very different profiles but we all have deep training and experience with students from 3 to 18 years old in varied areas such as P.E., English as a foreign language, Spanish, Maths, etc. 

After years of experience with our students, we started to feel the need to give an answer to those gaps and deficiencies we found in our classrooms. Alerted by the impending change in the education paradigm and after observing students from different ages, we started a process of reflection and research on the real possibilities to modify the school environment, and eventually ended up with the looming prospect of improving the system and favouring our students' development, motivation, achievement and performance. 

The Role Learning team has gone through a period of training in active methodologies; not only those which have emerged lately but also those which were developed by great thinkers and educators in the last century. We have also found inspiration in the trades that flourished in the Middle Ages with a deep personal relationship between the medieval apprentice and the master craftsman: a relationship that generated significant learning in real contexts. 

The result of such an enthralling path is a method that is in accordance with the educational needs of the moment and which has been proved and researched in the school where we teach.

At RL, we are convinced of the need to transform the foundations of our schools and believe that our method enables us to do it in an effective way. 

With the positive results that we have been gathering after years of implementation and supported by different media and teaching institutions, we truly hope that new schools will join us in the challenge of trying to offer a quality education, adapted to the real characteristics of our students, their families and societies.